Tuesday, May 15

Another Injury :-(


We just got another call from Mike. He is injured again/the first injury didn't quite heal. Mike is looking at his options right now on how best to manage this.

Stand By.

Mike we are VERY proud of you. Hang in there!


Anonymous said...

Mike - you are doing great! Take care of yourself!

Kathy from Shriners - Boston

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the leg, but hang in there. Calling for heavy storms here in G'town tonight, hope they bypass you. Be safe, be well my friend.

Capt 23

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike....

Sorry to hear about your injury(s). Make sure you take care of yourself. Keep focused and remember, it's better to be a day or two late than injure yourself to the point you can't continue. You can always make up time when you are stronger.

You are doing an awesome job!