Tuesday, April 24

UPDATED SCHEDULE (with details)

All - we have updated the schedule that was previously posted on this page. Please click HERE to get to the updated schedule. Thank you.


Unknown said...

Mike, you were wondering about our unusual town names in the Sierra foothills....they are old mining camps. The ones that didn't become ghost towns kept their names. Right next to Sonora is one called Jamestown, which is a living history town, where tourists can come and see all the "residents" (actors) re-enacting life in the old west.

Burn Support Team said...

I Heather: What great info!! Thanks so much. Do you have a link? We can try to link to a webpage about the town from the names on the schedule.

Unknown said...

Mike, I did a little research for you; the one I was thinking of is Columbia, which is very close to Sonora, Jamestown, Angels Camp, etc. There is a web page for Columbia, www.columbiacalifornia.com
They do some fire-related demo events, including Saturday bucket brigades. All the old mining towns along Highway 49 are fascinating.
www.calgold.org will give you everything you ever wanted to know about the area you'll be going through. And there is still gold in them thar hills!